Yardworks Notes

As I was in the process of discovering the many areas of this site, I met Pat Evans working at Homebase – hearing her stories and exploring the site with her memories, marked my progress and she has become a key character. along with Mr Gillibrand and his experiences working in the fireplace shop, by the wall for 50 years.

These two connect across the site diagonally. They join and define this liminal space, full of history unseen and ignored, hidden doors shutting away the past. The site in the present contains a world of transitional adult activity, dirty deeds in the dark, homeless sleeping rough, car parks and littered waste ground. Empty shops waiting for transformation in the regeneration of the future.

The site is framed by the Yardworks wall, it has become a symbolic representation of a container for the site – a cabinet of curiosities. It acts in a similar way to a theatre space, framing the content, the action. The evidence of the past is seen on the edges, all around the remaining wall and there is much beauty buried beneath today’s modern day detritus.

My current state of play is in editing film footage from the site and developing the interviews with Pat Evans and Mr Gillibrand, into theatrical art installations using my main art forms of shadow play and object assemblage.

Stains of the Past 1

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