Yardworks Notes 2

Im also editing short texts from my many journals and documentation,and thru this i am able to take the opportunity to explore the site in a different way. I write and edit spontaneously and quickly intense paragraphs, and this process enables me to see more detail in the whole picture. Its like i am finding a thread, and pulling out a new story or a new idea, previously hidden. Unseen elements are reflected from the site, and are able to be seen in the present.

The texts link everything together, the social history, the folk lore, the seasons changing the environmenthe urban politics etc all are threads of research woven together.
MA interim show texts, t
This process enables me to be objective, and remove myself from the site to look inside, rather than feel overwhelmed by the sheer size and subjects of the site. The texts act as building blocks, from the experiences of my on site visits, through the visual subject matter, feeding back into the visual theatrical installations to be created. The texts may be used in projection or narration over film, live or recorded.


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