Shadows in the Fire – site installation

Here are some images from today’s intervention.

Mr Gillibrands Fireplace shop  is  the oldest business still running at the  Yardworks site, and the shop backs on to the original wall. Playing upstairs in this hidden space, stacked with old and new fireplaces, people could peep through the doorway inside to watch.

As well as working with shadow imagery, I showed  3min wonder films exploring the hidden scenes and sense of the site.

There was a great atmosphere, the time flew and I felt the dust from 100 years was in every pore of my skin by the end of the day

Shadows in the fire

Shadows in the fire

Found oject installation

Found object installation

Thanks you to everyone who came and gave such positive feedback. Especially thank you to John Gillibrand, his daughter Tracey and Charlie from the fireplace shop. And to Heather Burrill for all her assistance and to Chantal Oakes for film documentation and support.


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