Yardworks installation no 1

Heres some of the film footage shot by Chantal Oakes from my previous installation at Mr Gillibrands Fireplace shop on June 22nd.


Yardworks Intervention No3

pat evans dress

pat evans dress

For my third Intervention i will be installing some work at the Homebase Centre, Queens Park,Preston

Homebase is on the Stanley St/Queens road corner of the yardworks site

Sunday august 9th from 1pm -4pm

I will be featuring work i have developed with Pat Evans, who works at Homebase now and worked at Horrockses yardworks as a young woman.

Look forward to seeing you there!

The Paper Cinema & Kora

In April this year I saw this fantastic company at the Boo, Horse & Bamboos Theatre space, Rossendale.  I love the illustration and movement framed on film with the live music. Found this clip of the performance of  the ‘King Pest’ story by Edgar Allen Poe, have a look at the link for a treat.

The Fairy Funeral

Last Wednesday, I gave a talk on the connections between the Yardworks and local fairy mythology in Lancashire at the Harris Museum in Preston as part of the ‘Enchanted Worlds’ exhibition that is currently showing. The talk was well received and I lots of positive comments afterwards.  I may post extracts from the talk later, or short extracts on video. In the meantime, here is an edited version of the ten minute shadow performance I created  during the day with Adam Bennett, shadow puppeteering with myself, and Tom Woolsgrove, live music to accompany the talk.

Little people Coffins


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Ive always wanted to see these myself. I am currently researching fairy funeral processions which are very prominent in local folklore around Preston, Lancashire. Im creating a short shadow piece about this for a presentation at the Harris Museum , Preston to accompany their current ‘Enchanted Worlds’ art of fairy stories and mermaid tales exhibition. one can only guess why these poppets were made and for what superstitious activity!