Holly Tree Bobbins

From my fairy folklore research i found that:

A large holly bush is on the site, next to Stanley Rd, and is well-known in botanic folklore for its power to ward away evil. Bringing holly indoors, during the Christmas season, helped to keep down house goblins and It was planted as a protection against malevolent boggarts and evil spirits. Lancashire holly was known as ‘hollin’, a name which occurs in place-names and may perhaps be an indication of superstitious planting. However, holly-derived fairy sites may be now difficult to locate since many holly trees were chopped down to make bobbins for the cotton industry. Nicholls (1972) noted that, in 1802, as many as 150,000 trees were felled for bobbin manufacture.holly bush on site


One thought on “Holly Tree Bobbins

  1. I was told it was unlucky to cut down holly trees, which is why the one in our garden has been allowed to grow. Quite glad it’s there now, now I know it’s warding away evil.

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