Research into early Lancashire settlers in Perth, WA

Thomas Peel (1793–1865) was one of the very early settlers of Western Australia.  He was a second cousin of Sir Robert Peel and born in Lancashire, England.

‘Mr. Peel, he moans, took him from England to Swan River, West Australia, means of subsistence and of production to the amount of £50,000. Mr. Peel had the foresight to bring with him, besides, 300 persons of the working-class, men, women, and children. Once arrived at his destination, “Mr. Peel was left without a servant to make his bed or fetch him water from the river.” Unhappy Mr. Peel who provided for everything except the export of English modes of production to Swan River. —Karl Marx, Das Kapital, volume one, chapter 33.’

File:Cousin Thomas, or, the Swan River Job.jpg


From Perth, Australia

After a few months off, I am now back to the blog and restarting further research and development of ideas for a bid for a Take Off Project Yardworks event at the Preston Guild in 2012.

Wondering whats here in Australia? i know Horrockses exported cotton yard cloths here, so it will be interesting to see if there are any leads.

Heres a Horrockses Display case in Sydney –,curious