The Hidden Garden

In my final stages of exploring the site, with the aid of some ladders on a sunny autumn day, I finally climbed up and looked over the wall to see what was hidden on the other side.

Corner wall Dale St and Stanley St

Id been wondering  for some time, as I poured over the site maps throught the ages, where certain areas had disappeared to, particularly around the wall corner of Dale St and Stanley St, where Golden Square and the gardens once stood.

Hidden Garden

I found theres a hidden overgrown garden left there now with a broken down wooden shed, full of bramble bushes, nettles and weeds, too dense to walk in.

Caught in the web

  On the wall i noticed there was a beautiful butterfly caught by a spiders woven web.

Decorated Butterfly

And someone had drawn in pencil over the white stencil butterfly to add to the decoration, brilliant.

Behind the wall


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