Love is Life – Creative Development

Love is Life, Green Room

Its been a busy couple of weeks, with projects being planned and creative processes in full go! Had another marvelous creative development weekend with Joey Ruigrok van der  Werven at PICA in Perth’s Cultural District, WA – which I will post about on a further blog.

Making forest vines

The AIR Programme at Carson St School is nearing the end of its process with the Sensory Awareness performance in full rehearsal this week, inside a specially made forest environment. Its been fantastic to work with the Barking Gekko Theatre Co team ‘Sensorium’, a new company making specific work for PMLD children in Perth. See the artists blog for the full creative process and development

This weekend was also an opportunity for further creative development with PROXIMITY at the Blue Room theatre, also in Perths C.D – a new co op season of site specific one-on-one performances curated by James Berlyn and Sarah Rowbottam.

Artists can propose work for intimate performance experiences by 30th sept 2011 at

Im hoping to continue the Art of Heart project with intimate object theatre and storytelling.

My favourite hearts

All this fabulous creativity with artists in Perth has reminded me of the wonderful times I had at the sadly gone Green Room, Manchester UK. Chopped due to the Arts Council funding cuts. One of my artworks was in residence there (see top image), if anyone knows where it is, let me know!


2 thoughts on “Love is Life – Creative Development

  1. Thanks, cheers for your comment!
    Its a clear plastic manequin with collaged ephemera, fairy lights,etc inside and then oil painted signs and detail on the top, like modern stained glass, the oil paint is translucent

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