Photos from Bali – magical island paradise

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Bali is a magical island paradise that boasts a rich culture with countless ritual practices drawing from both Hindu and local beliefs. The Balinese treat the many unseen spirits of the land as honoured guests thru the daily presentation of offerings(bantern) of every imaginable form.

ImageThe most complex offerings are in the series of ritual dances & dramas – mythical Hindu & Balinese gods mixed with animistic forms such as  Barong the protector of the people, the dancing demon dragon puppet,using beautiful masks and shadow puppetry to tell their stories often fulfilling functions of channelling the spirits.

Penny Francis writes in her book Puppetry -A Reader in Theatre Practice

‘Puppetry can be directly traced to the atavistic, universal belief in the spirit life hidden within and embodied by natural phenomena, things and materials. This belief forms the core of the animist religion and is intrinsic to the understanding of the puppet’s origins. ‘

‘Photographs from east bali,canda dasa and ubud

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