She Presents…..


A series of femmage works exploring how women hold space inside and create from the past into the present. The infinite possibilities, patterns, held by cellular memory and time. Mother, daughter, sister, wife, auntie, friend, lover, housewife, worker – female roles played out in life. Like a magicians assistant  working behind the scenes, she presents her own instinctive magic with the bag of tricks, all women hold and reveal in life.

“We must accept our pain
Change what we can
and laugh at the rest”
Camille Paglia

she presents magic (1)

‘She Presents….Magic’                       acrylic, mixed media 2017,  original artwork


Pandora Presents worked

‘She Presents….’              acrylic, mixed media 1999   original artwork        Sold


she presents history

‘She Presents….History (patriarchal junk)’    acrylic, mixed media,original 2016


Shepresentstheworld (4)

‘She Presents….The World’  original, acrylic, mixed media, reclaimed frame 2016

Shepresentscreativity (1)

‘She Presents….Creativity’   acrylic, mixed media 2016

Shepresentsequality (5)

‘She Presents….Equality (pissing in the wind)’      acrylic, mixed media 2016