art of heart project

A work in progress performance/installation based on research & development into the testimonies of heart transplantees.

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Rachel Riggs – “I am interested in the symbolism of the objects in the heart transplantees statements, and how these objects represent the memories and habits and can act as metaphors for this incredible experience in theatre. I wanted the performances to be intimate with individual experiences, as well as a group event in the whole installation. I have been interested in the powerful imagery of the heart and its place in society for a long time, and have created work shown here based on fairytale imagery, carnivalesque worlds and cabinets of curiosities. This is an ongoing project including animation, collage artworks, and object assemblage.”

Work created went on to be a performed installation at the Green Room, Manchester, the Blue Room Theatre, Perth and at the Royal Exchange studio theatre, Manchester.

‘feel my heart’

My heart suitcase

collaborators include
Joanne Foley – puppeteer & director
Chantal Oakes – digital animation
John Slater – maker & performer
Stephanie Ridings- director & performer
Verbal Vigilante – soundscape
Emily Hardy – student work placement
Miriam Grau Casas – performer

Immediate Audience Feedback – “a very moving performance” “Challenging imagery – superbly presented” “Intriguing” “Strong subjects placed with hard hitting images”

Presenting a ‘carnival of the heart’, exploring heart transplant testimonials and research into contemporary symbolism of the heart in society. Using shadow play and object manipulation to tell tales

‘A transplanted heart comes with the donor’s unique set of self receptors, which differ naturally, from those of the recipient. As a result, the recipient now possesses cells which respond to two different ‘identities’. Not every recipient will sense that a set of cells within their body is now responding to a second signal. But….as more and more transplants are performed. I think we’ll see a growing number of people reporting these experiences.’

Bruce Lipton Stanford research scientist

Worthless objects and found materials, bits and bobs are assembled to create a hint of memory…often things suppressed.


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