Cabinets of Curiosities

A phenomenon of the Renaissance, cabinets of curiosities (also known as Wunderkammern, or cabinets of wonder) proliferated throughout Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Encyclopedic in approach, the cabinets emphasized the exceptional, the rare, and the marvelous, attempting to encompass the results both of God’s creation (nature) and of man’s (art).

Since the early 1990’s I have been creating art work based on research and development into the symbolism of the heart in popular culture. I am interested in the powerful imagery of the heart and its place in society, and have created work drawn from this,fairytale imagery, carnivalesque worlds and cabinets of curiosities.

The cabinet of children

The cabinet of animals


The cabinet of girlhood

cabinets (5)The cabinet of the miniature library

The cabinet of the corner shop


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