Childlike Nature exhibition May – June 2014

juicy beetroot 3The Juicy Beetroot Cafe, Tum Tum Tree Lane, 132 High St, Fremantle, Western Australia

Childlike Nature is a body of work exploring the collective nostalgic narrative of our sensory relationships to nature from childhood to adults. The strength and fragility of our instinctive human need to relate to nature, is symbolised by the lost and found ephemera in the assembled artworks. Ethereal fragments, worthless objects and abandoned materials, are assembled to create a hint of memory. Recycling intangible qualities, a child’s nature play, or our experiences of being lost in the moment.shoe & flower


jump for joy

jump for joy

eggsistential (1) divine earth cherry red faRachel Riggs (UK/AUS) is a multi media artist exploring the superimposition of discarded fragments, amplified by reclaiming what nature and human kind discard.
By drawing on her background in puppetry and children’s theatre, she creates stories with visual art works drawn from fairytale imagery, animism and spirit. Her work has a childlike naivety and innocence which is open and unpredictable. Often pieces are created spontaneously, unconsciously with a dream like quality and surrealness. Hints of traditional crafts fused with contemporary scrap.

last fish monkey mandala nest treasure Riggs is a multi disciplinary Fremantle artist with an MA in Fine Art Site and Archive (UCLAN,UK), AD.DIP Puppetry (CSSD, UK) and Early Years Professional. Last year, she was Artist in Residence at REMIDA and currently at Como Children’s Centre, Perth. Her previously exhibited work in the UK includes at TATE Liverpool & TATE Britain London
This is the first time she has exhibited work in Australia.


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