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Lubaina Himid, Tailor, Singer, Striker, Dandy

Theres some great work Im missing in Manchester, Uk at the moment, try and get to the Whitworth art Gallery to see ‘Spinning  a Yarn’ by Val Murray & the  TEA collective, as well as my MA Fine Art tutor Lubainia Himid’s new work at the City art gallery.

Spinning A Yarn

Until April 2011

Fabric produced for Spinning A Yarn

The production and consumption of cotton is woven into the fabric of Manchester and Lancashire’s built environment. Cotton mills, factories and textile warehouses once dominated the landscape. After the Second World War, however, the cotton industry in North West England declined and in recent years former mill buildings and textile warehouses that escaped demolition have become upmarket homes. The layered identities of these places are the starting point for Spinning A Yarn.

Spinning A Yarn is an intervention by Tea (artists Peter Hatton, Val Murray and Lynn Pilling) in three Manchester buildings associated with cotton: Royal Mills, once a cotton spinning mill, has been converted into apartments; Platt Hall is a Georgian mansion that was once the home of a wealthy textile merchant but is now a museum of costume; and the Whitworth Art Gallery houses textile collections that include cotton from all over the world.


Marina Abramovic presents…..

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend ‘Marina Abramovic presents’ at Whitworth art Gallery in Manchester , and an art magazine I read the other day reminded me of how much i had got out of her meditation style sessions – contemplating drinking a cup of water with eyes closed, stretching our spines, staring into each others eyes, walking – all dressed in white laboratory coats. For a Guardian interview and film of session see here

Abramovic said – ‘ I always say to the audience ”I dont want you to spend time with me looking at my work; i want you with me to forget about time -kind of open up the space and just that moment of here and now, of nothing, there is no future and there is no past. And that you can extend eternity’.

‘If youre doing things you only like, you’ll never go anywhere. You will always repeat the same patterns But if you do things you fearand you do things you dont know there is a very big chance that you will actually open up your conciousness.’

The live performance art sessions were dedicated to Tehching Hsien, an extraordinary durational artist.