South Africa Inspiration – Cradle of Creativity

Recently I was funded by the Department of Culture and Arts, Western Australia to attend the 19th Assitej World Congress on creating theatre for children and young people in Capetown May 2017. I attended many workshops, developed international contacts and delivered a research paper on puppetry as a form of communication with early years and special needs children. There were many inspiring and uplifting moments, I learnt much about South African culture and history, and was very excited to be part of an amazing festival and event, this is a kind of visual mood board of my experience –



Indra’s Net

There‚Äôs a beautiful Hindu legend about the god Indra, who commissions an artisan to craft a vast net across the universe. From the Veda’s of ancient India 7,000 years ago.

Indra’s net

There is an endless net of threads throughout

the Universe

The horizontal threads are in space

The vertical threads are in time

At the crossing of the threads

There is an individual

And every individual is a crystal bead

And every crystal bead reflects

Not only the light from every

Other crystal in the net but

Also every other reflection

Throughout the entire universe.