New butterfly artworks 2018

painting bflies (1)

Rachel Riggs making artworks in her studio at SHAC

Bfly china

‘China Butterflies’ – vintage papers 2018 10×8

spring moon vintage

‘Spring Moon’ – vintage paper 2018 A4

Pinkbflies (1)

‘Pink Butterflies 1’ – vintage papers & frame 2018 10×8

Blue bfly collage (4)

Blue Butterflies – set of 2, collaged fabric on linen 10×10 boards 2018

Blue bfly collage (3)

‘Sparkling’ – vintage fabrics, sequins 2018

Blue bfly box

Blue Buttefly wooden box – 2018


She Presents…..


A series of femmage works exploring how women hold space inside and create from the past into the present. The infinite possibilities, patterns, held by cellular memory and time. Mother, daughter, sister, wife, auntie, friend, lover, housewife, worker – female roles played out in life. Like a magicians assistant  working behind the scenes, she presents her own instinctive magic with the bag of tricks, all women hold and reveal in life.

“We must accept our pain
Change what we can
and laugh at the rest”
Camille Paglia

she presents magic (1)

‘She Presents….Magic’                       acrylic, mixed media 2017,  original artwork


Pandora Presents worked

‘She Presents….’              acrylic, mixed media 1999   original artwork        Sold


she presents history

‘She Presents….History (patriarchal junk)’    acrylic, mixed media,original 2016


Shepresentstheworld (4)

‘She Presents….The World’  original, acrylic, mixed media, reclaimed frame 2016

Shepresentscreativity (1)

‘She Presents….Creativity’   acrylic, mixed media 2016

Shepresentsequality (5)

‘She Presents….Equality (pissing in the wind)’      acrylic, mixed media 2016

thank you! beautiful people

A big thank you to all the great customers who came and bought upcycled art, vintage clothes and retro collectables from the yardworks art shop at the eclective collective pop up emporium, Woolstores, Fremantle, WA

I met some great people and lots of memorable chats and moments ove rthe last 18 months. The shop was very successfull but time consuming, and is now having a rest until poppping up next year in another space!

yardworks art will be at markets and festival in WA over the summer, with vintage paper products, UK label vintage clothes and collectables.

Instagram – yardworksarts

for vintage classics and upcycled artworks

yardworks art shop is 1 year old!

yardworks art shop at the eclective collective in the woolstores, fremantle has been in business for over a year now, selling unique vintage clothes, upcycled artwork and collectables, specialising in British label clothes, handpicked and sent over by my mum in the Uk


Rave Collage

A collection of 1990’s early rave flyers from the North west and South collaged onto a perspex window from Hulme, Manchester’s old demolished crescents.Rave CollageDetail is worked with oil paints to give a stained glass effect when lit from behind with shadow hands dancing as the lights pulse.

The rave artwork has been on display at Curve Pusher studios, Mare St, Hackney, London, and currently looking for a new home for this unique mixed media artwork.

South Africa Inspiration – Cradle of Creativity

Recently I was funded by the Department of Culture and Arts, Western Australia to attend the 19th Assitej World Congress on creating theatre for children and young people in Capetown May 2017. I attended many workshops, developed international contacts and delivered a research paper on puppetry as a form of communication with early years and special needs children. There were many inspiring and uplifting moments, I learnt much about South African culture and history, and was very excited to be part of an amazing festival and event, this is a kind of visual mood board of my experience –


New pop up shop for yardworks art, WA


In Freo, many commercial businesses have moved out and  artists are moving in, and revitalising empty spaces! Lots of pop up shops are happening in Fremantle, with artists at the heart of the towns economy, they are developing new shops everywhere. So, I have been very busy making lots of lovely hand made creations for the first yardworks art shopfront in the woolstores, fremantle, wa.


In a collective with other artists and retailers, we are sharing the overheads and using a commercial space to promote our creations and retail stock.


Its a great opportunity and location for developing the idea and concept of yardworks art, and displaying other artists upcycled creations aswell.


yardworks art is a mix of homemade artworks for sale, upcycled and lovingly made for your life. Lost and found art, oddities, curiosities, vintage and retro all for sale.


Come and have a look, open every day……..yardworks art, woolstores. 28 Cantonment St
Fremantle Western Australia 6160

jewelled hearts

back in Blighty earlier this year, sorting out my attic studio, lots of lost and found treasures to create new work!

jewelled hearts emerged from metal coat hangars, old broken jewellery and charms, to hang in your window.

new work for yardworks art, currently on sale in Fremantle, WA

facebook & etsy – yardworks art