Wallpaper femmage

Looking at the walls, remembering the wallpaper of my childhood. Nostalgia for the depth of memories in the wall paper layers of my families house, far far away, where I cannot travel to during these covid times. Though i wish i could drop in like Mary Poppins

Peeling back and tearing through layers, I used to imagine there were other places behind the wallpaper, secret gardens, hidden horizons, exotic countries and somewhere my lost father.

Layers of vintage paper roses from abandoned boxes of cards, years of another family’s celebrations are recycled, cut and snipped, to provoke hidden memories. Scratching the surface, and seeing the liminal space of subconscious imagery.

Still a work in process, while artist in residence at Fremantle arts centre, exploring the feminine craft of decoupage, with underlying collaged fragments of discarded moments.

Transforming the cracks in the paper, the walls ,with natures kitsch card imagery. Adventures and stories are revealed beneath the paper sheets, and there are darker traces of the things unsaid, symbolised by insects and torn paper.


Lionsgate – golden feline goddess 8/08/20


She roars

Feels the pain more,

Can’t see for darkness,

Can’t move for fear

Cannot find self when you are near

Two sides, two faces

Split in two


This is what you take me for

Soul burns and spits a flame

Strike’s herself alight again

And licks sub-rosa wounds

Purring into eternity

R.R 2019

Crow – 5 min bird make

Found these bits of black tat while walking in bushland. At first, I thought the flapping old umbrella fabric was a wardong (Noongar word for crow) at the foot of an old tree.

Dancing tree, North Parmelia PS, WA

This is a quick craft make to create a bird strong enough to display and flexible enough to animate.

Recycling rubbish

I picked up the rubbish, bit of black plastic and couldnt resist modelling a black bird, just using the shape of the material to give impression of wings.

Forming crow

Just a tie to form tail feathers, a scrunched up paper bag to stuff , bit of back gaffa tape for beak and a few dots of glue gun to hold shape.

Stuffing the bird

I love the animism in found objects and materials, seeing from our imagination, creating from detritus.

Finishing off with an old button eye, nothing cut off except white umbrella label. Using an old crows nest ive had for ages, blown out of a tree, for its display and ready for a story or rhyme

And down came a blackbird…

Crow is an ancient omen of change, magical meaning and transformation

Ocean Sun Kiss


As the sun sets

Melting into the ocean

She teases the breeze, kisses the waves

Succumbs to the sudden rush as arms reach from the flumes of salty spray

Swallowed by swollen lips of Neptunes sea

Fire and water, she sizzles and bathes golden sparks in his dark

Rejoice with me in this moment

Together as one in Celestial rotation

We move space and time

And stay in this universal embrace

Like the earth

I cannot escape

Drowning in you

My light shines through and I am something else entirely new

Hot watery love,

Merging on the Horizon

I awake to kiss you once again at dawn

Psyche’s Butterfly

‘The Greek name for a butterfly is Psyche, and the same word means the soul. There is no illustration of the immortality of the soul so striking and beautiful as the butterfly, bursting on brilliant wings from the tomb in which it has lain, after a dull. grovelling,caterpillar existence, to flutter in the blaze of day and feed on the most fragrant and delicate productions of spring. Psyche, then. is the human soul, which is purified by sufferings and misfortunes, and is thus prepared for the enjoyment of true and pure happiness.’ – Bullfinch’s Mythology: The Age of Fable

Soul is part of love,of desire to grow and is a tangible force in our life journeys, and ‘animates’ our very beings.

Soul speaks to us in our dreaming, in our relationships and in our connection with nature.

Soul is our connection to spirit, to each other and to the earth that feeds us.

Our lives, our planet and our future are all connected.

Healing, transforming, changing

‘and it all starts with stillness’

Kwobidak Kulungas 2 – story dolls


A new childrens play kit for imaginative storytelling and rhymes, made with under 5’s, totally inspired by traditional Noongar dolls made by the wonderful textile artist Marcelle Riley. These are for playing with themes for early years about home, country, family and culture in a development towards a new performance and workshop programme for young children and their families.